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Academic Requirement

This is a Area dedicated to detail how to approach best our institution in terms of seeking a way to register to our University lower you will find the Steps and the requirements for this matter so please read it well and with caution.



You have to be Certified at Secundary school 

Our institution requires that you have a secondary school or high school certificate of secondary education with the appropriate accreditation in order to facilitate the enrolment process at our university.


Bring a Copy of your Certification and Identification (2 copies)

As we well know, having a plausible and authenticated means of identification is the best way to have a first contact with our students, this is the most crucial step in submitting an application.

Identification area
Passport size photos


Bring two Passport size photographs.

It is important to bear in mind that without the photos it is not possible to have a student badge, which would be a form of identification and proof that you are a USTM student and also for the affiliation to the student database of the University.


Physical Registration or in person.

This is the final step after gathering all the requirements on top you have to head to our University located in Maputo city, Av. Ahmed Sekou Touré n.610 RC and chose what course you will be signing in. It's easy and pratical.

 Physical Registration
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