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Florida Atlantic University

Partial Scholarship Announcement - 2024

Dear Student,  


Please be advised that applications are now open for the Florida Atlantic University Partial Scholarship Programme offered to undergraduate/post/MBA, master's and doctoral students at your institution. 

The aim of these programmes is to offer students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the various fields of administration during their holidays, with international certification of an advanced programme in their field of knowledge, to have contact with foreign professors and researchers in order to open channels of communication for research/publication purposes and to have an international experience (relevant objectives for today's qualified professionals).   

The following programmes are currently offered 

  1. Innovation Management in the Digital Economy;  

  2. International Political Scenario & Business Decisions;  

  3. Mergers & Acquisitions: Economic & Business Perspectives;  

  4. Stock Market Analysis & Investment Decisions.   


These programmes offer a free Business English module with double certification and contacts with local executives.   

The courses have the following characteristics 

- Duration: 3 weeks in January or July with full-time classes and activities. 

- Language: entirely in English, with an intermediate level of proficiency required. 

 Application for the selection process: Candidates must submit documentation to apply for a partial scholarship. Selected students will also have access to special accommodation rates and a free English module in Florida. We have 07 scholarships available for your institution. We are currently accepting applications for partial scholarships for July 2024 and January and July 2025.  


Interested parties should request more information about the courses and scholarship criteria by filling in the information on the following link:    Florida Atlantic University | Bolsas de Estudo (

The deadline for applications is 18 February. We will send you folders with a detailed description of the programme and all relevant information, as well as the specific scholarship application form.

If you have any difficulty filling in the form, please contact us at:





Yours sincerely,  

 Prof Ricardo Britto   
PhD in Business Administration from FEA/USP  
Coordinator of the scholarship selection process  

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