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Memorial of the Cardenal Dom Alexandre José Maria dos Santos

Late Founder of USTM

On the 8th of October of this year, the University of Saint Thomas of Mozambique inaugurated the first memorial that portrays the works and life of Cardinal Dom Alexandre dos Santos, who died on the 29th of September 2021, with the aim of immortalizing all the achievements of the first Mozambican Catholic Priest and Cardinal between 1975 and 2003.

The work is an initiative of the University Saint Thomas of Mozambique and the Cardinal Dom Alexandre José Maria dos Santos Foundation, which aims to immortalize the actions of a man of unshakable and immeasurable Faith, as explained by the Council President of the Foundation Dom Alexandre José Maria dos Santos, Venâncio Chirrime.

Dom Alexandre was one of the most important men of the Catholic Church and who made a great contribution to the peace and development of the country, social causes and also contributed to greater access to education, having founded the University of Saint Thomas of Mozambique.

In this memorial you can find all of the archbishop’s history, from birth, the religious and human path, demonstrating that there is a great interest in preserving his legacy to pass on to the next generations.

The Magnificent Rector of the USTM, Joseph Wamala, stated that Cardinal Dom Alexandre was and will always be a great source of inspiration for all of us, and since this inspiration is accurate, the best way to create that environment was through the memorial carried out, which should not be treated as a dead Museum, but as a living memorial, with the remarkable moments of his trajectory including words and places he visited, because we believe that everyone who passes through the Museum will somehow be able to speak with Dom Alexandre.

This memorial serves to make us aware that the life and works of Dom Alexandre should be an example that should inspire everyone, following his moral, ethical and humanistic values left by him, living in justice and always promoting peace.

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