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15th Biennial Conference of ICUSTA


Between the 12th and 14th of October, the biannual ICUSTA 2022 Conference took place in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina at the FASTA University. This conference was attended by authorities from universities and member institutions of our network from Argentina, Australia, Chile, Spain, the United States, the Philippines, France, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

During the conference, lectures and panels were held on different current issues in the light of the thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas and cooperation between the members of ICUSTA.

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Fraternity of the Saint Thomas of Aquinas Groups, FASTA (07/10/1972) and the 30th anniversary of the beginning of activities at the FASTA University (10/04/1992).
The conference was attended by Rectors and Directors of the International Relations office of the member institutions.
Being the University of Saint Thomas of Mozambique, one of the main members of ICUSTA had the honor of actively participating in the Conference with three representatives of the Institution, and a lecture presented by Professor Jochua Baloi (Director of the Office of International Relations and Cooperation).
On the occasion, several lectures and panels were addressed on different current issues, opportunities for academic exchange that will encompass and benefit countless students, professors and scientific researchers for the improvement of their intellectual capacities, thus having a wide experience as well as future innovations and ways of to improve institutional links and ties, in order to establish and implement actions to guarantee the quality of education as well as the implementation of new international projects, always in the light of the thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas and the cooperation between the members of ICUSTA.
From now on, the lectures were divided into three panels presented by Professors and Rectors from different Universities. The first panel was about the “Integration of Knowledge at the University, in the light of Saint Thomas Aquinas”, followed by the second that focused on “Political thought and its consequences for the world today, in the light of Saint Thomas Aquinas” and the third panel on the theme “Successful Experiences of Internationalization” giving the opportunity to hear the experiences of three Universities dedicated to solidarity projects and the exchange of students and teachers.

Every two years, ICUSTA members meet in different countries, always with the same objective of strengthening personal and institutional ties, reviewing objectives and agreements and sharing new initiatives.

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